Well hello there, I’m Erin, owner of Gamble’s Photography here in Springfield, Missouri. I could tell you all about how I got started, my credentials, and my achievements (you can find all of that on the Home Page), but I figured we’d talk about something a little more personal. Yes, my business is a HUGE part of my life, but hey, maybe you want to know more about the girl behind the lens.

When I’m not shooting or working on my laptop, I’m hanging out with my little family. My boys are Bryar & Bowyn – you’ll see pictures of them everywhere – They are the lights of my life and they drive me to work harder and smarter everyday. The newest addition is my handsome husband Tyler (also known as Willie) my forever travel buddy and camera bag holder 🙂

Other than my little family, my hobbies include my bucket list! I’m an adventurer at heart~ so far I’ve been surfing in Hawaii & Sydney, hiked mountains, became scuba certified, and visited multiple continents on solo trips. Still on the list is starting a food fight, and attending a silent retreat, and gigging! I told you, random…. Hopefully you feel like you know me a little more, and you’ve checked out my work, and you feel my passion. Well, what are you waiting for? Give me a call! Whether it’s for a shoot, or just to get some chai- drop a line!

Erin gamble northrip, owner

Hi, I'm Dawn! I grew up in Arizona, with three brothers - we spent most of our days outside, going on adventures, climbing mountains, swimming, and playing soccer. I knew I always wanted to see more of the world and experience new things as much as I could. So, I joined the Air Force and worked on big jets for awhile in Oklahoma! Since then, I've moved around a bit and ended up here in Springfield with my two kids Robby and Weslee! Missouri has always held a special place in my heart, and living here has surprisingly been my greatest adventure. My little family loves dance parties, s'mores, and road trips ❤ 

I've been working with Erin for almost two epic years! I've been an artist my whole life, and photography has become my latest endeavor! My favorite work days are spent shooting a wedding with Erin or going on a crazy adventure through hobby lobby, to create the latest and greatest set! . 

Dawn Tucker, VP of GP

- Bethany Hicks

"Dawn is such an amazing person! Pretty sure she is the main reason I didn't have a heat stroke on my wedding day. 🤣 She was sweating to death herself and still...insisted on fanning me more, because she was more concerned about me than herself. Her kindness on my wedding day will be a core memory for me for life. 😊❤️"

- Bri Taylor

"Dawn is the perfect counterpart to Erin. In majority of the photos of my kids she's been in the background getting the boys to smile and laugh! And during my anniversary photos she was hiding behind us making the magical lighting happen!
From personal experience I know what it takes to be Erins 2nd shooter and Dawn does it flawlessly! 🥰🥰"

- Sara Coatney

"Every experience I’ve had with Gambles Photography has been excellent! From wedding, to family candids, boudoir, and individual sunflower minis, I’ve always been pleased with each final product. ❤️

Dawn is so much fun to work with! Her calm, carefree attitude makes it easier & less awkward to pose for photos. She’s also not afraid to do silly, messy, slightly dangerous, or crazy things to capture the perfect shot! 🤩

There are also countless great things I could say about Erin. 😍"
Keep rocking it, ladies!

- Bree Spartan

"I loved working with both Erin & Dawn! They made my day so amazing. They literally helped with everything! Dawn was like my own personal sidekick that I didn't even know I needed. From tying my shoes, to grabbing a plate for the exhausted bride, she was there! Erin was sure to capture each moment. The sentimental ones, the fun ones, and the memory ones I'll treasure forever! I'd highly recommend Gambles Photography for your event! It's an investment that I'm happy to make for my big day ☺️"